October Orders for shops close Thursday – let ’em know you want AGP!

The following titles from AGP are shipping in October:

thin coverTHIN #2
Jon Clark (W/A/C)

Don’t miss the second installment in this horrifying tale of miracle weight surgery that has the whole indie comic world buzzing!

(You can also reorder Issue 1 under JUL161194.)

Check out an interview Jon Clark gave about the title here!

ISLAND 731 cover jeff zornowISLAND 731 #2
Jeremy Robinson (W), Kane Gilmour (W), Jeff Zornow (A/C)

If you think the first Island 731 issue was nuts (released 8/10!), just wait until you read this! The whole crew are at the mercy of a mystery monster…

Backstock code for Issue 1: JUN161086

dr smith lost in space malice in wonderland coverIrwin Allen’s LOST IN SPACE: The Lost Adventures #6
Carey Wilber (W), Holly Interlandi (W), Patrick McEvoy (A/C)

As the photo variant above suggests, the Dr. Smith antics in this issue are out of control. It’s the final issue of “Malice in Wonderland”, and it answers all the riddles!

DIAMOND CODE: AUG161128 (regular cover)
AUG161129 (photo variant)

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